Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

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The Magic Phase Sequence
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Now we've established the basic principles of Wizards and their spells, it's time to dive into the Magic phase. The Magic phase starts with both sides determining how much magical power can be tapped into this turn. The player whose turn it is (the casting player) will be seeking to draw down enough power to cast their spells, whilst their opponent (the dispelling player) will be gathering magical energy to dispel any spells being cast.

Magic Summary

  1. Roll for the Winds of Magic
    The Winds of Magic are generated by rolling a number of dice depending on the amount of points played. The strength of the Winds of Magic will determine how many power dice the casting player has, as well as how many dispel dice the dispelling player has.

  2. Cast
    One of the casting player's Wizards now picks a target and attempts to cast a spell, using power dice.

  3. Dispel
    If the spell was cast, one of the dispelling player's Wizards can now attempt to counter the spell using dispel dice. If the dispelling player does not have any Wizards, a dispel can still be attempted.

  4. Spell Resolution
    Assuming the spell has been cast and not dispelled its effect is now applied.

  5. Next Spell
    Repeat steps 2 through 4 until the casting player cannot cast, or no longer wishes to cast, any more spells.

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