Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Aligning to the Enemy
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On most occasions, moving the chargers in the manner described above will leave the charging unit and the target unit in base contact at a peculiar angle with a gap in between. Of course, what would happen in a real battle is that the warriors of the two units would quickly move to attack their enemies and, in so doing, close the gap – so this is exactly what we do in Warhammer.

Once the charging unit contacts the enemy unit, it must perform a second, bonus wheel if required to bring its front facing into full contact with the facing of the enemy unit that has been charged, maximising the number of models in base contact on both sides.

The only exception to the charger aligning to the target is if a unit with less than Unit Strength 5 is charged by a unit with Unit Strength 10 or more. In this case, the charged unit will align to the charging unit, rather than the other way around.

1. Declare Charge.
2. Wheel to maximize models in contact.
3. Move in.
4. Close the door.

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