Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Move Chargers
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Successful chargers now move into base contact with the enemy. They move directly forward, but are permitted one wheel of up to 90° as they move, and another of unlimited arc once in contact. As many models as possible from the two units must be brought into base contact.

If your charge range was sufficient, it's time to complete the charge and move into base contact with the enemy. A charging unit can move an unlimited amount – it's already been found to be within charge range.

The charge move is subject to an important restriction: the unit must move straight ahead, except that, during this move, it may make a single wheel of up to 90°. You are free to make this wheel in order to place your unit wherever you like against the facing of the enemy unit that is being charged, but remember that you must bring as many models into base contact with the enemy as possible, from both sides. Therefore, this wheel cannot be used to reduce the number of models in base contact, unless of course you have no choice, and you need to wheel for the unit to avoid intervening units and impassable terrain in order to complete the charge.

It's important to note that a unit can move to within 1" of another unit when charging – not just the one that it is charging – this is the only time that this is normally allowed.

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