Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Failed Charge
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A unit that makes a failed charge moves directly towards its target a number of inches equal to the dice result rolled for the charge.

A unit that makes a failed charge has started towards the enemy, but soon realises that it is impossible to cover the distance. The warriors in the unit lose impetus as the enthusiasm for the charge peters out.

If a unit makes a failed charge it moves directly towards the target a distance equal to the highest score result rolled on the charge roll (i.e. if the dice showed 2 and 5, the failed charge move would be 5"), wheeling around impassable terrain and units, both friends and enemies, by the shortest route.

The blue unit has declared a charge against the red unit. The blue unit's normal move is 4", and it manages a roll of 3, for a total charge range of 7". However, the red unit is 8" away — the charge has failed. The blue unit must now move 3" (the highest result of the two dice they rolled), wheeling to face directly towards the red unit.

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