Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

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Troops can move at double speed. If they start their move within 8" of an enemy, they must pass a Leadership test to do so.

Marching at the double allows troops that are away from the heart of the battle to move more rapidly. This represents the swift movement of reserves to a critical area by means of a rapid march and helps to ensure that units do not get stranded away from the fighting.

Marching troops move at twice their normal Movement rate, with weapons sheathed or shouldered. They are literally 'going at the double'. A unit on the march is not permitted to reform, as this would disrupt its movement, nor is it allowed to move backwards or to the side. It can wheel as normal, as you might imagine a column of troops would in order to follow a road, for example.

It's also worth noting that a unit that has marched in the Movement phase cannot shoot missile weapons during the Shooting phase, so think carefully before you commit your missile troops to a march.

Nearby Enemies

A unit that is on the march is not prepared for combat, so troops are reluctant to march whilst a potentially threatening enemy is nearby. If you wish a unit to march when a non-fleeing enemy unit is within 8", it will first have to take a Leadership test. If the test is passed, the unit disregards the nearby foe and marches as ordered. If the test is failed, the unit refuses to march and will only be able to move normally. Note that if a unit attempts at this test and fails, it is still treated as having marched, even if its controlling player then elects not to have the unit move at all.

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