Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

The index is currently displaying version 2.2. The index will be updated to version 2.3 at a future date.

Multiple Charges on a Unit
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If several units have declared a charge against a single unit, then roll the charge distance of these units at the same time. The charge moves of the charging units must be made as far as possible to equalise the number of models fighting from each charging unit.

Remember, however, that your primary goal is always to maximise the number of models fighting – it is acceptable to have more models fighting from one unit than from another, if to do otherwise would reduce the overall number of models fighting.

If multiple units have declared a charge against a unit that has chosen a Flee Charge response, they can all redirect their charge if there is another viable target in range. The controlling player chooses in which order to move their charging units.

On occasion, exceptional dice rolls from charging units might mean that more units can complete the charge than can fit in base contact with the target. When this happens, the controlling player of the charging units must nominate which units complete the charge. Those units that cannot complete the charge against the target are counted as having made a failed charge.

1. Both red units have declared charges against the blue unit, and have rolled sufficiently high to complete their charges successfully.
2. The red player must now use the free wheel and alignment moves to bring an equal number of models from both his units (or as near as possible) into contact with the blue unit.

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