Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

The Movement Phase Sequence
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Work your way through the sub-phases shown in the summary below. The units in your army can act in whatever order you wish within each sub-phase, providing that you complete one sub-phase before moving onto the next.

Each unit will normally only be allowed to act in one sub-phase (with the exception of Start of Turn) unless it has special rules that permit it to do otherwise.

Movement Summary

Work your way through the following sub-phases:

  1. Start of Phase
    Some models have particular actions they must take at the start of the turn.

  2. Charge
    The player can now attempt to have his units charge into close combat.

  3. Compulsory Moves
    Sometimes a player has no choice over whether or not or how to move a unit, most commonly when they are fleeing.

  4. Remaining Moves
    As the name suggests, this is where all other movement is resolved – 'normal' moves, for want of a better phrase.

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