Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Battle for the Pass
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Many of the kingdoms of the Warhammer world are separated by towering mountain ranges that can only be crossed at the occasional mountain pass. These narrow defiles are of vital strategic importance, and present a defender with the perfect location to confront an invading army.

The Armies

Each player chooses their force using the army list from a Warhammer Armies book, to an equal points value agreed before the game.

The Battlefield

Set up terrain as described under the Fighting a Battle chapter. It's worth keeping in mind when setting up the terrain that the battle will be fought down the length of the table, in a narrow pass with impassable mountains just off each of the long table edges.


Roll off to see which player picks the half of the table they want to deploy in. The opponent deploys in the other half. Note that in this pitched battle the game is fought down the length of the table rather than across its width, as shown on the deployment map below.

Units may be placed anywhere in their half that is more than 12" from the centre line.

Players take it in turn to place units on the table, using the alternating unit method of deployment.


First Turn

Roll off after deployment to see which player receives the first turn. The player that finished deploying their army first adds +1 to their roll as per the normal rules.

Game Length

The battle will last for six game turns, or until a time limit agreed by the players is reached, whichever comes first.

Victory Conditions

Use victory points to determine the winner of the battle.

Scenario Special Rules

Bottleneck: The battle is being fought in a narrow pass enclosed by high cliffs. Because of this, the long table edges count as impassable terrain. Following the normal rules, fleeing units can force a way through the impassable terrain and disappear from the table. Other units (including reinforcements) may not enter or leave via a long table edge unless they are Ethereal or a Flyer. This means that pursuing or overrunning units, other than Ethereals and Flyers, must stop 1" away from the long table edges.

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