Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Immunity (*)
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Some warriors and creatures in the Warhammer world are almost completely fearless, or are such grizzled veterans that situations that would make lesser troops panic have no effect on them. Others have an immunity to certain elements, either by a natural mutation or by magic.

Models with the Immunity rule ignore the effects of the rule(s) in the brackets. Examples include Killing Blow, Poisoned Attacks, Flaming Attacks, Ice Attacks, Lightning Attacks and so on. Note that the model only ignores the effects of the rule itself unless the attack is also listed as being non-physical. The physical attack still causes damage as normal.

Immunity can also include PanicFear and Terror. If the majority of the models in a unit have the Immunity (Panic, Fear or Fear) rule, the unit ignores the effects of Panic, Fear or Terror and any such tests it would otherwise had to take.

Models that are Immune to all three above effects have the Immunity (Psychology) rule. This also includes automatically passing any Psychology tests they might need to take (such as many spell effects or special rules that would otherwise force a unit to take a Psychology test).

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