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Special Rules
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A Warhammer battle is packed with fantastic creatures and skilled warriors whose abilities are so incredible and varied that the basic rules cannot possibly cover them all. For such circumstances we have special rules - uncommon rules to govern uncommon circumstances. When a creature has an ability that breaks or bends one of the main game rules, it is often represented by a special rule. A special rule can boost a model's chances of causing damage, such as by granting poisoned weapons, or enhance its Strength. Alternatively, a special rule can improve a model's survivability, by granting it a better armour save or the ability to regrow damaged flesh. It is through the use of the special rules that Dragons breathe fire, Assassins strike with lightning speed and Giants cause bowel-loosening terror in their enemies.

Unless stated otherwise, a model does not have a special rule. Most special rules are given to a model by the relevant entry in its Warhammer Armies book. In addition, a model's attacks can gain special rules because of the equipment it is using. Similarly, a model might get special rules as the result of a spell that has been cast upon it or perhaps even as the result of it being in a particular type of terrain. Where this is the case, the rule that governs the equipment, spell or terrain feature in question will make this clear.

Most of the more commonly used special rules in Warhammer are listed here, but many troop types have their own unique abilities laid out in their Warhammer Armies book. Certain special rules partly consist of other special rules, all mentioned in the following pages.

Unless otherwise noted, the effects of different special rules are cumulative. However, unless otherwise stated, a model gains no additional benefit from having the same special rule multiple times. This also applies to unique special rules in the various Warhammer Armies books that might contain special rules that are normally cumulative.

Some special rules have an effect at the beginning of the battle, or before the game starts. These effects take place after both armies are deployed and any Deployment special rules have occurred but before the roll for first turn.

Some special rules, especially in the Army Books, will affect models of a certain type. Note that special rules and spells such as this only ever affect friendly units from their own army, and will not affect enemy or allied units that happen to be in range.

Eventually you are likely to come upon situations where two opposing special rules are in play. In these cases, the two special rules will simply cancel each other out either partially or completely, and neither will have an effect.

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