Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

The index is currently displaying version 2.2. The index will be updated to version 2.3 at a future date.

Okkam's Mindrazor
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Spell Level 6Casting Value: 18+

The Wizard summons phantasmal weapons for their allies that shred the folds of consciousness and reason. Victims of these mindrazor believe themselves slain, and so they die.

Okkam's Mindrazor is an augment spell with a range of 18". Until the start of the caster's next Magic phase, the target unit (except mounts) use their Leadership instead of Strength when rolling To Wound with all close combat attacks (any Strength bonuses from weapons are ignored). Armour saves are taken and modified by the Attack's actual Strength value. The Wizard can choose to extend the range of this spell to 36". If they do so, the casting value of Okkam's Mindrazor is increased to 21+.