Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Swarms (Sw)
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Swarms are seething masses of small creatures, such as rats, snakes or insects, summoned to the battlefield by magical means and set loose upon the enemy. Individually, the critters in a swarm are little threat, but their sheer weight of numbers more than compensates for their size.

Swarms are made up of a number of bases. Each base includes many creatures, but counts as a single model. Other models can fire through them at targets behind them with no To Hit penalty. However, any Swarm base that is hit by a template attack suffers Multiple Wounds (D6) rather than 1.

Special Rules

Swarms are subject to the following special rules: ExpendableSkirmishersUnstable

Unit Strength

Swarms have a Unit Strength of 3.

Line of Sight

Swarms have a Line of Sight value of 0.

Base Size

Swarms have an approved base size of 40x40mm.

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