Troop Types
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So far, the rules we've discussed cover the most important and most prevalent of troop types - infantry. We've started there because infantry are the 'standard' troop type in Warhammer. Of course, a Warhammer battlefield is home to all manner of weird and wonderful creatures, from charging knights to towering Giants, mighty cannons to multitudinous swarms. These more unusual troop types have particular rules attached to them, or use elements of the main rules in a different way to infantry, so let's take a moment to look at them now.

In most cases it'll be fairly obvious which troop type category a model falls into, but as troop type is essentially an extension of the characteristic profile, you'll find that information in the relevant Warhammer Armies book. Most units in Warhammer conform to one of the following types. Some particularly unusual units are literally in a class of their own - we call these 'unique' units. Such troop types have special rules that govern them and only them, clearly stated in their entry.

  • Characters (Troop Types)
  • Models and Base Sizes
  • Infantry (In)
  • Monstrous Infantry (MI)
  • Cavalry (Ca)
  • Monstrous Cavalry (MC)
  • Swarms (Sw)
  • War Beasts (WB)
  • Monstrous Beasts (MB)
  • Monsters (Mo)
  • Chariots (Ch)
  • War Machines (WM)
  • Shrines (Sh)

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