Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Monstrous Cavalry (MC)
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Just as horse-sized beasts can be pressed into service as mounts, so can their monstrous cousins. Such monstrous cavalry are incredibly rare, as most such creatures are so strong-willed that great patience (or violence) is needed to break them to the point at which they can safely be used as a mount. This combination of mass and stubborn muscle makes regiments of monstrous cavalry a much-feared force upon the battlefields of the Warhammer World.

All the Cavalry rules apply to monstrous cavalry.


A rank of monstrous cavalry needs only three models to count for rank bonus.

Supporting Attacks

A monstrous cavalry model can make one supporting attack from the rider, and the mount can make as many supporting attacks as are on its profile, up to a maximum of three. Monstrous Cavalry without a split profile can make up to four supporting attacks.

Special Rules

Monstrous Cavalry are subject to the following special rules: FearImpact Hits (1)Swiftstride.

Unit Strength

Monstrous Cavalry have a Unit Strength of 4.

Line of Sight

Monstrous Cavalry have a Line of Sight value of 3.

Base Size

Monstrous Cavalry have an approved base size of 40x40mm, 50x50mm, 50x75mm and 50x100mm.

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