Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

War Machines (WM)
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War machines such as Empire Great Cannons, Orc Rock Lobbers and Dwarf Bolt Throwers are powerful units on the field of battle, able to pulverise whole regiments, breach stone walls or even slay fearsome monsters with a single, well-placed shot.

War Machines form a distinct troop type. However, as their rules are rather unusual, and cover many different weapons that can be found in the Warhammer world, they are dealt with in their own chapter.

Unit Strength

War Machines have a Unit Strength equal to their current number of crew.

Special Rules

Unless specified, any special rules a War Machine might have apply to both the War Machine and the crew.

Line of Sight

War Machines have a Line of Sight value of 1.

Base Size

War Machines often do not have base sizes. In case you wish to mount your war machine on a base, they have an approved base size of 50x50mm to 50x100mm or 50mm to 100mm if you use round bases (scenic bases do not count). War machine crew have an approved base size of 20x20mm and 25x25mm.

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