Basic Rules
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We're almost ready to dive into the turn sequence that drives the bloody business of Warhammer. However, before we begin, there are few basic ideas and game mechanics that it's worth discussing. These are essentially principles that are so broad that they pop up again and again while you're playing a game, so it makes a lot of sense to establish them before getting caught up in the more specialised rules that you'll find later on.

  • Measuring Distances
  • Dice
  • Rolling a D3
  • Artillery Dice & Scatter Dice
  • Dividing Values
  • Modifying Dice Rolls
  • Re-roll
  • Roll-off
  • Randomising
  • Templates
  • Scatter
  • Choosing a Random Direction
  • Characteristics Test
  • Automatic Pass and Fail
  • Leadership Tests
  • Unmodified Leadership
  • Psychology Tests
  • Forming Units
  • Removing Casualties
  • Unit Facing
  • Unit Strength
  • Line of Sight
  • Sequencing
  • Basic Rules and Advanced Rules
  • Basic Versus Advanced
  • The Most Important Rule

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