Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Dwarf Brewhouse
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Dwarf ale is by far the most famous and sought after beverage in the whole of the Warhammer world. Indeed, entire armies have been known to make a detour to a brewery in order to purchase (or, more normally, acquire by force of arms) a supply of heady Dwarf ale. It is little surprise, therefore, that most Dwarfs go to great lengths to fortify their brewhouses, and are careful to place several barrels of cheap, but highly intoxicating ale, beyond the walls as soon as a marching army enters view.

All units within 6" of a Dwarf Brewhouse have the Immunity (Psychology) and Stubborn special rules (the rich blend of hops, malts and secret ingredients renders them almost totally insensate to mortal fears). Dwarf units within 6" of the brewhouse are so fanatically defensive of it that they are Unbreakable, but must first pass a Leadership test, with a -3 modifier, if they want to move out of range of the building's effects.

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