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Magic Weapons
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Magic weapons are artefacts of bloodshed, pure and simple – they grant the wielder extra abilities or an increased characteristic profile so that they might better slay their enemies.

Unless otherwise stated, a magic weapon is treated as a hand weapon (replacing the model's regular hand weapon), and follows the rules for such. This means that a magic weapon can be used with both an additional hand weapon or shield/buckler following their normal rules. In the case of non-magical additional hand weapons, the +1 Attack does not benefit from any special rules from the magic weapon.

In order for a model to be able to choose a particular piece of weapon (such as great weapon, polearm or two hand weapons) they must be able to pick this as a mundane option or have it as part of their default equipment. Note that magic weapons that count as normal hand weapons may be taken by any model that can choose magic weapons.

What's in a Name?

The magic weapons listed below often have a name that describes them as specifically being a sword or another particular type of weapon. This doesn't mean that the model has to have a sword to use the 'Ogre Blade'. We can simply assume that their axe, hammer or other suitable hand weapon has the same properties and is, for example, an 'Ogre Axe'.

I'm Using This One

A character that has a magic close combat weapon cannot use any other close combat weapons (his magic weapon is their pride and joy, and he's sure as sunrise going to use it). If a character has more than one magic weapon, they must choose which one to use at the start of the combat (unless a rule specifies that both can be used at the same time) – the chosen weapon must be used for the duration of the combat.

Dragon Blade(Magic Weapon)70 points

A blade forged in the fiery breath of a red dragon and quenched in dragon's blood. Dragon's blood has many magical properties and a blade forged in it cuts deeply into anything it strikes.

Any successful To Hit rolls in close combat with this sword are multiplied into 2 Hits.

Giant Blade(Magic Weapon)45 points

A Giant Blade is forged from the bones of a Giant and some of the mighty creature's strength passes into its wielder. It is a massive sword that is still surprisingly versatile to use in combat. Nevertheless, when it strikes it can cleave a foe in twain.

Close combat attacks made with this sword are resolved at +3 Strength.

Sword of Bloodshed(Magic Weapon)45 points

A sword tinged red, for wherever it is swung bloodshed is guaranteed, with multiple foes falling in a single deadly arc.

A character using this blade gains +3 on their Attacks characteristic.

Ogre Blade(Magic Weapon)30 points

An Ogre Blade is forged with Ogre bone which is incredible hard and strong. A warrior carrying an Ogre Blade becomes as strong as an Ogre. The Ogre Blade was used by Chaos Dwarfs to tame the kingdoms amongst the Mountains of Mourn. How it came to the Old World is a mystery.

Close combat attacks made with this sword are resolved at +2 Strength.

Sword of Anti-Heroes(Magic Weapon)30 points

This sword was said to be smelted in a cursed furnace and then quenched in the bloody body of a dying champion.

The bearer has +1 Strength and +1 Attack for every enemy character in base contact with them or their unit. These bonuses are calculated at the start of each round of close combat and last until its end.

Sword of Strife(Magic Weapon)30 points

The Sword of Strife never has an owner for long, for those who wield it will always find it in their hand when their temper rises. A warrior armed with this blade attacks with the speed of lightning.

A character using this blade gains +2 on their Attacks characteristic.

Fencer's Blades(Magic Weapon)25 points

An enchanted duo of blades – one long and one short – give the wielder a dazzling array of skilful moves, to parry and deceive an opponent.

Obsidian Blade(Magic Weapon)25 points

A blade made of darkest obsidian with an edge that is said to not exist in this mortal plane – no armour can stand against it.

Sword of Swift Slaying(Magic Weapon)25 points

A sword of silver that never dims, this enchanted blade courses with power which passes into the hand of its wielder. This sword gifts its user with a foresight and speed in combat that no mortal should ever have. When used in anger, the sword arm of its owner darts forth before an opponent can even raise their guard.

Bone Blade(Magic Weapon)20 points

A blade honed from the poisoned claws of a sea dragon and ensorcelled with runes of doom. Dragons of all kinds are magical creatures whose bones and scales can be used to make magic weapons.

Parrying Blade(Magic Weapon)20 points

A fine steel blade enchanted, polished and inscribed with the tricks of combat by a weapons master. Such a blade appears to almost read the mind of its opponent – anticipating every move.

The character wielding this blade gains the Parry (5+) special rule.

Relic Sword(Magic Weapon)20 points

A weapon of great antiquity whose hilt is made from one of the bones of a great hero. Such weapons are passed from father to son by noble families of the Old World. The Relic Sword was discovered in an ancient barrow close to the swamps of Mourkain. There are not many beings that can shrug off a wound from this blade.

Attacks made with the Relic Sword will always wound on a 3+, unless they would normally need a lower result.

Sword of Fortitude(Magic Weapon)20 points

The bearer of the Sword of Fortitude is filled with a sense of invulnerability and power – they gain the fortitude to face terrible danger without flinching.

Blade of Sea Gold(Magic Weapon)15 points

A blade forged from gold wrenched from the depths of the sea and honed by the wind and waves. Gold is notoriously difficult to forge and only the most potent weapons can be made from it. Sea gold is the most prized of all.

Shrieking Blade(Magic Weapon)15 points

This blade was stolen from a Tomb Banshee while she sang a haunting nursery tale to a forgotten child. Now the blade sings too, and shrieks when it strikes a foe. As it is swung the Shrieking Blade screams and howls, causing fear in the warrior's opponent.

The wielder of the Shrieking Blade causes Fear.

Sword of Battle(Magic Weapon)15 points

Although neither as sharp or strong as steel a copper blade may be made to carry the power of speed and swiftness.

A character using this blade gains +1 on their Attacks characteristic.

Sword of Might(Magic Weapon)15 points

The Sword of Might is a grand blade in a rich pommel that imbues its owners with a boon of strength in the heat of battle. It is a sword beaten out and re-forged a hundred times until it pulses with pent-up energy. When grasped by a brave warrior the sword's power flows into them, invigorating them and filling them with new strength.

Close combat attacks made with this sword are resolved at +1 Strength.

Sword of Striking(Magic Weapon)15 points

A blade of pure iron tempered to the sound of arcane incantations in ages past and found in the hands of a long-dead guardian, this sword guides its user, making them a much better fighter. The weapon's magic guides the hand of its wielder and makes it easier for them to strike their foes.

Attacks made with the Sword of Striking receive a +1 bonus to hit.

Berserker Sword(Magic Weapon)10 points

The Berserker Sword is bound with battle fury - when it is drawn its wielder is filled with unquenchable battle lust. The blade constantly drips with blood as if only just pulled from a corpse – those that wield it scream with rage, demanding to feed the sword its next victim.

The bearer has the Frenzy special rule and can never lose their Frenzy.

Blade of Slicing(Magic Weapon)10 points

This blade is honed with the teeth of an Ice Dragon - a creature that inhabits the biting cold Northland, whose fangs impart magical sharpness.

Venom Sword(Magic Weapon)10 points

A blade enchanted with malignant spells and quenched in the venom of a thousand deadly serpents. When a Venom Blade bites its foe it releases powerful poisons which dissolve flesh and turn blood to fire.

Biting Blade(Magic Weapon)5 points

A blade honed with dragon's teeth and bearing many potent spells of sharpness. Dragon's teeth contain powerful magic and make the blade supernaturally keen. The jagged edge of the biting blade ensures that even the strongest armour struggles to repel this weapon.

Tormentor Sword(Magic Weapon)5 points

A blade forged upon the skull of an idiot and inscribed with spells to steal the mind of its victim. Those that take a wound from the jagged blade of the Tormentor Sword will not only feel pain – their thoughts will be wracked with terrible omens.

A monster or character that suffers an unsaved wound from the Tormentor Sword has the Stupidity special rule for the rest of the game.

Warrior Bane(Magic Weapon)5 points

This unsettling weapon spreads a curse on all around, disabusing enemy warriors of their martial skills. When the Warrior Bane strikes home its victim becomes befuddled and confused, making it hard for them to fight back.

A monster or character that suffers an unsaved wound from the Warrior Bane permanently loses one Attack for each unsaved wound (to a minimum of 1 Attack).

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