Magic Armour
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This section contains enchanted suits of armour – magical breastplates, ensorcelled shields, and so on. Only the most influential characters will be clad in magical armour from top to toe. Most characters might have a single piece of magical armour, which they combine with ordinary pieces of equipment.

Except where otherwise stated, magical suits of armour (light, medium or heavy) and shields follow the same rules as mundane ones, but keep in mind that a model can only have one suit of armour and one shield, so if you give a model a magical suit of armour or a magical shield, it replaces any mundane equivalent already worn by the model.

In order for a model to be able to choose a particular piece of armour (such as heavy armour or a shield) they must be able to pick this (or another armour that gives a better save value) as a mundane option or have it be part of their default equipment.

Magic armours that are not specified as suits or shields (such as helmets, gauntlets and so on) can always be worn by models that are allowed to wear any non-magical armour.


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