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Magic Armour
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This section contains enchanted suits of armour – magical breastplates, ensorcelled shields, and so on. Only the most influential characters will be clad in magical armour from top to toe. Most characters might have a single piece of magical armour, which they combine with ordinary pieces of equipment.

Except where otherwise stated, magical suits of armour (light, medium or heavy) and shields follow the same rules as mundane ones, but keep in mind that a model can only have one suit of armour and one shield, so if you give a model a magical suit of armour or a magical shield, it replaces any mundane equivalent already worn by the model.

In order for a model to be able to choose a particular piece of armour (such as heavy armour or a shield) they must be able to pick this (or another armour that gives a better save value) as a mundane option or have it be part of their default equipment.

Magic armours that are not specified as suits or shields (such as helmets, gauntlets and so on) can always be worn by models that are allowed to wear any non-magical armour.

Armour of Destiny(Magic Armour)50 points

The Armour of Destiny is worn by a great hero among every generation, their fate entwined with the ensorcelled suit. This armour is wrought with symbols of protection which make it almost impossible to penetrate.

Heavy armour. The Armour of Destiny grants the wearer a Ward save (4+).

Armour of Fortune(Magic Armour)35 points

The Armour of Fortune is fashioned with lucky emblems and enchanted runes to consecrate it and provide good fortune. Those who don the Armour of Fortune seem to have the favour of Ranald, able to parry the lethal blow with a lucky deflection.

Medium armour. The Armour of Fortune grants the wearer a Ward save (5+).

Armour of Resilience(Magic Armour)30 points

The Armour of Resilience confers the ability of resistance upon its wielder, so that they become tougher and more able to withstand wounds.

Heavy armour. The Armour of Resilience grants the wearer +1 to their Toughness characteristic.

Trickster's Helm(Magic Armour)30 points

A dingy, battered helmet that looks like any other, but this is the Trickster's Helm, a powerful artefact that protects the wearer.

Model on foot only. The helmet gives the wearer a 6+ armour save. Any successful roll to wound made against the wearer of the Trickster's Helm must be re-rolled.

Armour of Silvered Steel(Magic Armour)25 points

The gleaming, all-encasing suit of silver is light but still grants the wearer a heavy degree of protection – surely, the hallmarks of Elven artifice. Cunningly wrought armour forged from silvered steel and stamped with protective runes, the Armour of Silvered Steel is enchanted so that it is tougher and more enduring than ordinary armour.

Heavy armour. The Armour of Silvered Steel grants its wearer a 2+ armour save that cannot be improved by any means.

Glittering Scales(Magic Armour)25 points

Such is the shine upon every scale in this resplendent mail that the foe can't help but be dazzled.

Light armour. Enemies suffer a -1 to hit penalty when attempting to strike the wearer in close combat.

Gambler's Armour(Magic Armour)20 points

Ranald, the God of Thieves, Tricksters and Gamblers has blessed the armour and those who are willing to take a chance.

Helm of Discord(Magic Armour)20 points

The battered Helm of Discord is a bronze helmet covered in withering symbols that both distract and unsettle any attacker.

The helmet gives the wearer a 6+ armour save. In addition, at the start of each Close Combat phase, choose an enemy character in base contact with the bearer or his unit. That character must immediately take a Leadership test. If the test is failed, the character succumbs to the helm's sibilant whispers of malice and jealousy. In this Close Combat phase, the victim cannot make attacks and is hit automatically.

Shield of Ptolos(Magic Armour)20 points

First discovered in the far south by tomb raiders, the Shield of Ptolos grants the wielder a great defensive boon against missile attacks. The shield of Ptolos is magically inscribed with a myriad of distracting patterns and designs. The patterns magically distract arrows and bolts, sending them spinning off course.

Shield. The bearer has a 1+ armour save against shooting attacks.

Spellshield(Magic Armour)15 points

A shield shaped from dragon scales or the hide of a Manticore and reinforced with runes of polished obsidian. This shield is branded with wards of arcane protection, and it has had many owners in its storied past.

Dragonhelm(Magic Armour)10 points

An ornate helm carved and shaped from the skull of a fire drake, plated with enchanted metals in the style of dragon scales and polished with magical unguents, allowing the wearer to shrug off burning flame and bolts of fire.

Enchanted Shield(Magic Armour)10 points

A finely-made shield enchanted and inscribed with protective sigils.

Shield. The bearer gains +2 to their armour save, rather than +1 that a normal shield would give.

Charmed Shield(Magic Armour)5 points

The front of this shield depicts a warrior being blessed by a nameless lady. Its wielder gains protection from the sigil, especially against foes armed with missiles, but only for a short time.

Shield. One use only. The first hit suffered by the bearer of the Charmed Shield is ignored on a roll of 2+.

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