Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Monsters (Mo)
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Monsters are the largest beings in the Warhammer world, creatures so powerful that they normally don't form into units, but roam the battlefields on their own. Generally speaking, any single model bigger than a monstrous beast is a monster. This category includes Dragons, Greater Daemons and so on.

Special Rules

Monsters are subject to the following special rules: StompSwiftstrideTerror

Split Profile

Ridden monsters follow all the Split Profile rules for Cavalry. The riders can fire in 360 degrees around them, rather than only firing at targets within their front arc. This only applies to any missile weapons carried by the crew themselves, any missile weapons mounted on the monster itself can only fire in the model's forward arc as normal.

Character Mount

Some characters can ride monsters. If a character has a ridden monster, the whole model is treated as having the troop type monster and thus follows all the rules for both characters and monster models including the Split Profile rules above. A character on a ridden monster cannot join other units.

Unit Strength

Monsters have a Unit Strength equal to their starting number of Wounds. Ridden Monsters add the number of riders to their Unit Strength.

Line of Sight

Monsters have a Line of Sight value of 5.

Base Size

Monsters have an approved base size of 50x50mm, 50x75mm, 50x100mm, 100x150mm.

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