The Lores of Magic
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Wizards are a formidable force on the battlefield, able to wreak incredible destruction, weaken or strengthen other warriors, or summon terrible beasts to fight at their side.

The Lores of Magic are lists from which Wizards choose their spells. Different Wizards have access to different Lores of Magic. The eight most common lores are presented here.

As has already been hinted at, the possible applications of magic are many and varied, leading to a potentially vast array of spells to choose from. Fortunately for our gaming convenience (to say nothing of our already tenuous sanity) very few Wizards in the Warhammer world have the gumption to harness the full spectrum of magic, and instead concentrate on mastering one or more magical disciplines, or lores.

There are many magical lores. Most represent fragments of 'pure' magic as practiced by the High Elves. Each lore has a particular character, which is reflected by each spell within it. The Lore of Metal, for example, is grounded in alchemy, and its spells therefore act through the transmutation of one substance into another.

The eight most common lores, echoing the eight disciplines that the High Elves once taught to men, are collated at the back of this book. Almost all races can use one or more of these lores, depending on the character of said race, and its magical methods. Many races also have access to their own, unique spell lores, such as the fearsomely destructive Waaagh! magic of the Orcs and Goblins. Where this is the case, the relevant Warhammer Armies book will contain the necessary spell list(s).

Each lore presented on the following pages is but a splinter of the pure magic practiced by the High Elves; one focused shard of magical energy, with a particular trait all of its own. The Lore of Fire, for example, is chiefly a repository of raging and destructive spells, whilst the Lore of Life specialises in spells of protection and healing. Each of the eight lores harnesses energy from one of the divisions in the Winds of Magic. Some kinds of energy are denser than others and sink low to permeate the ground, others are more rarefied, billowing like high clouds through the upper atmosphere.

Your choice of lores will depend on how you want to use your Wizards, and also upon how many you plan to field. Presented on the following pages are eight magical lores, the eight sorcerous traditions as taught by the High Elves to the Wizards of the Empire.

Although many of the Warhammer world's races practise their own magical traditions and thus have their own spell lores (as detailed in the relevant Warhammer Armies book), most also have some understanding of at least one of the eight lores described in this section.

Main Rulebook

  • The Lore of Fire
  • The Lore of Metal
  • The Lore of Life
  • The Lore of Beasts
  • The Lore of Heavens
  • The Lore of Light
  • The Lore of Shadow
  • The Lore of Death


  • The Lore of the Truthsayers


  • The Lore of the Serpent


  • The Lore of the Desert


  • The Lore of Nurgle
  • The Lore of Slaanesh
  • The Lore of the Wild
  • The Lore of Tzeentch


  • The Lore of the Lady


  • The Lore of Yan
  • The Lore of Ying

Chaos Dwarfs

  • The Lore of Hashut

Daemons of Chaos

  • Be'lakor (Magic)
  • The Lore of Nurgle (Daemons of Chaos)
  • The Lore of Slaanesh (Daemons of Chaos)
  • The Lore of Tzeentch (Daemons of Chaos)

Dark Elves

  • The Lore of Dark Magic

Dogs of War

  • The Lore of Hedge Magic
  • Simius Gantt (Magic)

High Elves

  • The Lore of High Magic (High Elves)
  • The Lore of Mist Magic


  • The Lore of Spirits

Kingdoms of Ind

  • The Lore of the Devas


  • Lord Kroak (Magic)
  • Lord Mazdamundi (Magic)
  • The Lore of High Magic (Lizardmen)


  • The Lore of the Kami

Ogre Kingdoms

  • The Lore of the Great Maw

Orcs & Goblins

  • Spells of da Bad Moon
  • Spells of da Big Waaagh!
  • Spells of da Little Waaagh!
  • Spells of da Savage Waaagh!
  • Spells of da Spider God

Pirates of Sartosa

  • The Lore of Stromfels
  • The Lore of the Deep


  • The Lore of Plague
  • The Lore of Ruin
  • The Lore of Stealth

Tomb Kings

  • The Lore of Nehekhara

Vampire Counts

  • The Lore of Necromancy (Vampire Counts)

Warriors of Chaos

  • The Lore of Nurgle
  • The Lore of Slaanesh
  • The Lore of Tzeentch

Wood Elves

  • The Lore of Athel Loren

Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast

  • The Lore of Necromancy (Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast)
  • The Lore of the Deep

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