Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

The Lore of Life
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Jade Magic, Druid Lore, Animism

The Lore of Life unleashes the power of the natural world. It is primarily a defensive lore, with an array of spells that heal your troops and augment their resilience.

Life needs little excuse to propagate, and even the casting of the simplest of spells can bring forth the full bloom of renewal. Its wholesome energies can reinvigorate and heal, reknitting broken bones and staunching blood loss.

When a spell from the Lore of Life is successfully cast, the Wizard (or another friendly model within 12") instantly recovers a single Wound lost earlier in the battle.

Tapping into the Winds of Magic, the Wizard creates a charm of rebirth that bestows great resilience upon their allies.

Earth Blood is an augment spell which is cast on the Wizard itself and any unit they are with. The target unit gains the Regeneration (5+) special rule until the start of the caster's next Magic phase. Alternatively, the Wizard can choose to target one unit within 12". If they do so, the target gains Regeneration (6+) instead of Regeneration (5+).

1. Awakening in the WoodCasting Value: 6+

Trees have long and wrathful memories, needing only a little magical encouragement to lash out with root and branch.

Awakening of the Wood is a direct damage spell with a range of 18" and causes D6 Strength 4 hits. If the target is within 3" of a forest, the number of hits is increased to 2D6.

2. Flesh to StoneCasting Value: 8+

The Wizard transmutes their allies' mortal form to unyielding rock.

Flesh to Stone is an augment spell with a range of 24". The target unit has +2 to its Toughness value until the start of the caster's next Magic phase.

3. Throne of VinesCasting Value: 8+

The Wizard fashions a walking throne of vine and bracken for themselves, to renew and strengthen their connection with the living world.

Remains in play. Throne of Vines is an augment spell cast upon the Wizard. Whilst the spell is in effect, every time the Wizard miscasts, roll a dice. On a 4+, the miscast is ignored. Furthermore, the Wizard's castings of the following spells have the additional benefits given below (it does not change the effects of spells that have already been cast):

  • Earth Blood grants +1 to the target's Regeneration save.

  • Awakening of the Wood instead Hits at Strength 5.

  • Flesh to Stone instead adds +3 Toughness.

  • Regrowth instead restores D6+1 Wounds worth of models.

  • Shield of Thorns instead Hits at Strength 4.

4. Shield of ThornsCasting Value: 9+

At the Wizard's command, crawling brambles burst from the ground, forming a living barrier around their allies.

Remains in play. Shield of Thorns is an augment spell with a range of 24". At the end of each Magic phase, any enemy unit in base contact with the target suffers 2D6 Strength 3 hits.

5. RegrowthCasting Value: 9+

Invoking the name of Duthandor, lord of the ancient wildshrines, the Wizard infuses their fallen friends with fresh life, closing wounds and broken bones with supernatural speed.

Regrowth is an augment spell with a range of 24". The target unit instantly recovers D3+1 Wounds' worth of models slain earlier in the battle (Cavalry count as 2 models). The wounds in the unit are regained in a strict order. First any slain command groups models are resurrected in an order of your choosing, displacing rank-and-file models as required. Then rank-and-file models with multiple Wounds are healed to their starting value. Finally, any remaining wounds resurrect rank and file models (in the case of multiple wound rank and file models, the first resurrected models must be fully healed before another can be resurrected, and so on). These are added to the front or rear of the unit as you wish as long as the unit keeps a legal formation. Regrowth cannot take a unit beyond its starting size, and cannot be used to heal characters or their mounts. Any models that are resurrected retain any rules and/or bonuses the unit has gained or lost this turn. The Wizard can choose to extend the range of this spell to 48". If they do so, the casting value of Regrowth is increased to 11+.

6. The Dwellers BelowCasting Value: 18+

Gnarled creatures emerge from the ground, their steely strong fingers tearing at the foes' flesh, clutching their limbs and dragging them down to who knows what fate.

The Dwellers Below is a direct damage spell with a range of 12". Every model in the target unit must pass a Strength test or suffer a Wound using the Multiple Wounds (D3) and Ignores Armour Saves special rules as well as ignoring Regeneration. The Wizard can choose to extend the range of this spell to 24". If they do so, the casting value is increased to 22+.

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