Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Magic Standards
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Some units are allowed to carry magic banners, as detailed in their army list entry. The only character permitted to carry a Magic Standard is the army's battle Standard Bearer.

Standards can only be carried by a standard bearer, as shown in the army list in the relevant Warhammer Armies book.

Battle Banner(Magic Standard)70 points

The magic woven into the Battle Banner fills all those who fight under it with determination and valour.

A unit with this magic standard adds +D6 to combat resolution, rolled each time it is used.

Banner of Might(Magic Standard)55 points

The Banner of Might inspires those who fight under it to greater feats of valour.

A unit with this magic standard gains +1 To Hit in the first round of close combat.

Banner of Defiance(Magic Standard)50 points

The fluttering Banner of Defiance magically inspires its bearers to hold their ground at all cost. Few foes can break them, no matter how many fall in combat.

A unit with this standard gains the Stubborn special rule.

Wailing Banner(Magic Standard)50 points

Those who walk under the Wailing Banner know that their enemies will quiver in fear, for the dread face upon the banner wails and moans – instilling terror!

A unit with this magic standard causes Terror in its enemies.

Rampager's Standard(Magic Standard)35 points

The Rampager's Standard is so-called as those that wield it in battle are always the most desperate to cross the field and charge the enemy!

A unit with this magic standard can re-roll its charge distance dice.

Razor Standard(Magic Standard)30 points

Regiments or mobs that fly the Razor Standard will slice through enemy armour and penetrate their opponents' flesh far easier.

Ranger's Standard(Magic Standard)25 points

The Ranger's Standard grants beings under its banner the agility and the wherewithal to scout ahead of the enemy.

A unit with this magic standard gains the Strider special rule. If the unit is riding a mount, the mount benefit from the Strider special rule as well.

Standard of Shielding(Magic Standard)25 points

This standard is woven with protective magic to safeguard the troops carrying it.

A unit with this magic standard gains a Ward save (6+) against missile attacks.

Banner of Swiftness(Magic Standard)20 points

No matter the weather, the Banner of Swiftness always flaps as if in a gale. Those who march under it, traverse the elements at a much greater pace.

A unit with this magic standard gains the Swiftstride special rule.

Banner of Valour(Magic Standard)20 points

This banner is a symbol of sacrifice and ultimate devotion to duty.

Standard of Arcane Warding(Magic Standard)20 points

This magic banner absorbs the power of hostile spells and discharges it into the air.

War Banner(Magic Standard)20 points

The War Banner is an age-old standard that has been soaked in blood and battle – a testament to endless war. Troops fighting beneath the War Banner are filled with determination and courage.

A unit with this magic standard adds +1 to combat resolution.

Banner of Courage(Magic Standard)15 points

A hallowed and precious standard carried through uncounted battles with honour. It is woven with spells of fortitude and resilience so that the troops carrying it will seldom flee from combat.

A unit with this magic standard re-roll failed Break tests.

Standard of Discipline(Magic Standard)15 points

This powerful banner infuses the bearer's regiment with extra courage, making them braver and more determined. Those who go to war with the Standard of Discipline do so under the stern glare of the figure upon the banner and know that they should continue fighting rather than rout.

A unit with this magic standard has +1 Leadership, but cannot use the General's Inspiring Presence special rule. If the General joins this unit, other units using their Inspiring Presence does not benefit from the +1 Leadership.

Banner of Eternal Flame(Magic Standard)10 points

This banner burns with a fire that can never be quenched, imbuing its bearers with flaming weapons and fiery eyes.

Lichbone Pennant(Magic Standard)10 points

The sigil on this banner is old, and hurts the eyes to gaze upon it, yet those who walk under it in battle are protected by an arcane shield.

Banner of Duty(Magic Standard)5 points

This banner shines with a soothing light that reaches into the hearts of warriors in despair, filling them with courage and renewing their will to fight on.

A unit with this magic standard gains +1 to their Leadership when taking Rally tests.

Gleaming Pennant(Magic Standard)5 points

As the Gleaming Pennant flutters in the breeze it instils all that march under it the belief that they will be victorious.

One use only. A unit with this magic standard can re-roll its first failed Leadership test.

Scarecrow Banner(Magic Standard)5 points

The mangled form of a terrifying scarecrow has spent too long under Morrslieb's glow. It was taken from the fields and now is a banner to frighten anything with wings.

A unit with this magic standard causes Fear in models with the Fly special rule.

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